MBU Training

1. Teams quick start

Learn how to create a Team, Use chat, Edit files at the same time, See likes, and Customize

2. Intro to Microsoft Teams

Learn about Teams, Setting up a channel, Meetings, Calls, and other Activities

3. Set up and Customize your team

Get up and running with Teams by learning how to create and manage public and private teams

4. Collaborate in teams and channels

Collaborate in Teams by working in channels and using Planner

5. Start chats, calls and meeting

Learn how to make calls in Teams, turn calls into meetings, and present your screen during a meeting

6. How to create Teams Meeting invite

Learn how to create Teams meeting invite to reach out to clients, colleagues and team members

7. Work with posts and messages

Create and format a post to start a conversation in a channel

8. Upload and find files

Upload and find files in Teams

9. Set up and attend live events

Teams live events enables you to produce events for large online audiences with more control over video, audience interaction, and reporting

10. Manage your activity feed

Manage your activity feed and know everything that's happening in the team channels you follow

11.Teams on the go

Get caught up with everything fast with your activity feed

12. How to record teams meeting

Learn how to record Teams meeting

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