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WORKanyPLACE = EcoSystem:

A digital ecosystem is a distributed, adaptive, open socio-technical system with properties of self-organization, scalability and sustainability inspired from natural ecosystems.


Managed Process

Our foundation is our day-to-day IT support for our clients. It's an integral part of the process upon which everything is built.



Our team designs a workflow based on utilizing our day-to-day support to collect the data from your organization.



Our team takes the data gathered from the workflows we have in place, analyzes and interprets the data to determine how it can be used to increase your revenue utilizing the power of IoT.

Managed Process

My Blue Umbrella’s foundation is composed of the pillars required for optimal IT. The personal day-to-day IT support we provide to our clients is a building block for the productivity of every company, and a crucial layer to ensure that operations run smoothly. Although this day-to support is critical, it is only one layer of dedicated support we offer to a growing list of clients. Above the daily support and professional services, MBU offers a host of services that focus on analyzing our client’s data and defining just how that data can be used to improve the overall business and customer experience.

MBU’s Managed Process is planned and executed in accordance with our first class policies and procedures. Our skilled Technicians have the resources and expertise to produce controlled output, which are monitored, controlled, and reviewed on an on-going basis for adherence to our process description.

Managed IT Services, Business Cybersecurity in Concord, Woodbridge


MBU’s development team designs progression stages (tasks, events, interactions) which seamlessly connect work processes adding value and efficiency to an organization's activities. In a sequential-designed workflow, each step is dependent on occurrence of the previous step; in a parallel designed workflow, two or more steps can occur concurrently.

MBU’s workflow consists of an orchestrated and repeatable pattern of activities allowing us to transform materials, provide services, and process information.


Predictive Data Transformation is the process of growing business outcomes. Using technologically sophisticated sensors and data processing, we provide refined analytics that result in lowered operating expenses and increased revenue for your business. This is the power of IoT.

The fundamental layer we have created over years as your preferred IT service and support provider is what provisions a clear understanding of your business; we can engineer this foundation to take you to next level.

By leveraging predictive analytics and The Internet of Things, MBU will transform your business in line with strategic business outcomes at all faucets. MBU, utilizes the mass amount of data being generated from devices and machines, in order to create more efficient workflows to enable proactive triggers for proven IoT solutions.

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Managed IT Services, Business Cybersecurity in Concord, Woodbridge

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