The 3 things you need for successful #remotework


Working from home may be bringing a level of uncertainty to your business. For many staff, isolation from their team and the organization can be unsettling and cause stress. Here are the three things your business needs to be successful during COVID-19 and beyond:

  1. An environment that supports excellence

Do you have a desk, chair, lamp, phone, computer, wifi, portable printer, headset? Do all of your employees have the equipment they need? Check in with each one of them and ask to see their setup. Do they feel like they have the space to work productively, and in silence when they need it? What could you do to help them work more productively, and feel motivated to work during their time at home?

“Since that has started we've gained a better understanding of what’s happening and how it will impact both our personal lives and careers,” says Bryan Chiasson, sales manager at My Blue Umbrella. “Work from home may be here for many months. How will your business continue to grow with work from home?” 

The reality is that many companies weren’t prepared to send their employees home and weren’t set up to work remotely. “We’ve seen that a lot of our clients didn’t have the equipment they required and the sudden demand has meant that many suppliers are running out of stock,” says Chiasson. “If your company doesn’t have enough laptops, we can help. We’re doing everything we can to try and source laptops and other equipment for clients. We’re trying to be that trusted advisor that they can rely on and take the heavy lifting away from them as they set up remote workstations and schedules. If your business is still struggling to get set up remotely, contact us. I want to give my clients the best service at the best price--in whatever way I can to help them to succeed.” 

Take advantage of MBU's COVID-19 Rent to Own Option to purchase the tools you need on a 6-month rental program and either buyout the remaining amount or return the products, obligation-free.

  1. Access to all company data to drive revenue. 

“Your data is your revenue,” says My Blue Umbrella CEO Michael Contento. “It’s how you stay relevant.”

  • Is your system secure?
  • Is your team able to access all the tools and information they need?
  • Are your employees frustrated by their inability to work the way they were before COVID-19?

If your team is working at anything less than 100%, we can help you. Working remotely doesn't need to mean working inefficiently. Now, more than ever, your employees should have all the tools they need to be able to drive revenue. 

  1. Collaboration

Now, more than ever, as your staff works remotely, the ability to collaborate clearly with clients and team members to drive accountability is so important. Are you and your staff able to:

  • Make and set up video conference calls?
  • Host meetings through Microsoft Teams?
  • Work with files wherever they are? 
  • Share files inside and outside of your organization? 
  • Find, co-author and update files?
  • Share a link, not the entire file, ensuring users have the right version of documents?
  • Control document read, write and print access?
  • Check out/check in documents so that documents are up-to-date and secure?

WORKanyPLACE is an office-in-a-cloud solution that gives you all above, and can be personalized to your companies budget and needs. Contact us at to find out how WORKanyPLACE can help your business run more efficiently and safely

We believe that the economy must continue to grow, and we all need to do our part to help. With the uncertainty of the increasing financial stress, My Blue Umbrella will also extend a 20% discount for the first year with either 90-day deferral payment or with your first month free. The direct savings could be close to $5K to $10K but the productivity increase that your organization will recover is tremendous. 

If you have any questions about our services or support systems, please contact us at

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