How to adapt your business in COVID-19

Until last month, the staff at My Blue Umbrella had been working in the office on a rotating  schedule. It was good for productivity, growth and morale. Then, Toronto, where MBU’s offices are located, returned to Stage 2. The right thing to do was send everyone home again.

We’re not unique in having to adapt to the daily changes in the way we do business. What we have done, however, is create a strategy that’s constant. This strategy has helped us navigate how we do business—regardless of the external factors affecting us. Our SSS.T strategy stands for Survive, Stabilize, Strive and Transform. Over the past seven months we have refined and altered the strategy to meet market demands. Each time the government provides new guidelines or information, we review our SSS.T strategy.

Do you have an SSS.T strategy? If not, now is the time to create one. If you have one in place, now’s the time to  review your plan and  see what changes you  need to address.

As most people continue (or return)  to remote work, our WORKanyPLACE system has never been more essential for managing workflow, maximizing productivity and putting SSS.T into practice. Use this checklist to see how you could improve your own business:

  • Is your data safe?
  • Are there further steps you could take to ensure productivity and accountability?
  • Is there a way to better engage staff so  you don’t lose creativity or innovation over a virtual experience?
  • How do you make sure your team doesn’t burn out while working remotely?

At My Blue Umbrella we continue to strive to help our clients better understand how IT is essential in making their SSS.T successful with the ever-changing environment.  We also continue to offer a free SSS.T consultation and make sure that IT is doing what is needed to help transform your business to the new norm.

Please reach out to one of our Strategic Growth Specialists to see how MBU can help you. Email

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