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MBU’s Security Awareness Training teaches you how to protect your data from viruses and hackers.

Before you walk away from your car, you lock the doors. It’s reflex. You know that if you skip that critical step, there’s a strong possibility your valuables will be taken, or worse, your car stolen. Protecting your data should be the same. Viruses, attacks and hackers are all lurking in cyberspace, waiting for their opportunity to strike. And once that hacker gets access to your logins and passwords, it can be difficult to retrieve the stolen data if it’s not backed up.

But what if My Blue Umbrella could turn protecting your data into a reflex? MBU’s Security Awareness Training schools you on the following topics:

  • How and What Information is Transferred on the Internet
  • Your Risk Score
  • How to Back Up Your Information
  • How to Identify Threats and Phishing Emails (including phishing simulations)
  • How to be Proactive with your Information

Each month we’ll send you an entertaining, useful three-minute video—straight to your inbox—so you can start practising your cybersecurity reflex. Sound good?

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