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For most of us, the inside of our office is a distant memory. Kitchen tables, beds and laps are all working desks now—which means screen glare, eye, neck and shoulder strain are the new common workplace hazards. A laptop stand can help. Using a riser will also prevent your notebook from overheating, as the extra room between the laptop and the surface you are using it on creates space for heat to dissipate. Positioned at the right height with a tilt design for the best height for both working  and video calls, your body (and coworkers) will thank you.

Tip: If you're planning to use the stand while working (and not just for video calls), it’s important to use an external keyboard so your arms and wrists are positioned at the correct height. We'll cover the best external keyboard options in another article—but for now know that you can search for a variety of options at

And now—five recommended laptop stands based on price, adjustability and style.

1. mStand360

The mStand360 ($85) has a swivel base that can rotate a full 360 degrees, so you can easily share your screen with others while staying In your seat. While the height Is fixed at six inches, It's more compact than other stands, making It Ideal for smaller workspaces.

2. iLevel2 Notebook Stand 

The iLevel2 Notebook Stand ($90) features a slider to raise or lower the screen height from 5.40” to 7.90”, making it more compatible with a variety of surface heights.

3. mStand Laptop Stand 

The mStand Laptop Stand ($70) has a fixed design (height is 6”) that offers more stability and indestructability than some other models.

4. Adjustable Laptop Riser 

Typical laptops weigh about five pounds, but if you have an extra heavy notebook, this is the stand for you. The Adjustable Laptop Riser ($45) supports laptops up to 17 inches and 10 pounds. It contains an almost full-length stabilizing front edge that prevents the laptop from sliding off the riser, its swivel feet allows 360-degree rotation, and the vented base helps cool the battery.

5. Designer Suites Laptop Riser 

The Designer Suites Laptop Riser ($35) is an affordable option that adjusts from flat to a 30-degree angle. The riser also functions as a USB hub, a unique feature that allows you to plug in other devices. And the sliding feet let you move the stand without scratching surfaces.

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