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If there’s one thing we learned while working remotely over the past year, it’s that good audio is important. (Seriously, is there anything more annoying that distorted echoes booming out from a Zoom meeting?) Eliminate all the fuss with a high-quality headset that will deliver audio straight to your ears (without irritating those around you) and make sure that you’re coming through crystal clear, too.

Here are five options based on price, style and features that you can shop now right here at

The affordable basic: Cyber Acoustics AC-201 Stereo Headset w/ Dual Plugs

Sometimes, you just want something that will get the job done well without blowing your budget. Look no further than this Cyber Acoustics model ($15), which provides great sound, boasts a microphone that can be worn on the right or left side and is compatible with most PCs.

The noise-cancelling option: Microsoft LifeChat LX-6000

Whether you’re working from home or back at the office, block out all the distracting background noise and focus on that looming deadline with this noise-cancelling Microsoft LifeChat headset ($70). The padded ear cups offer lasting comfort for all-day wear, while the noise-cancelling microphone ensures that you’ll always be heard on the other side of the line.

The versatile set: Plantronics Encore Pro 540 Customer Service Headset

This ultra-lightweight Plantronics headset ($95) comes in a convenient three-in-one design, so you can adjust how you wear it to your liking. Choose from over your head, behind your neck or just wrapped around your ear whenever the mood strikes.

The wireless pair: Logitech Wireless Headset Mono H820e

Move around freely, without worrying about accidentally tugging on your headset wire. Logitech’s slick H820e ($290) wireless model promises you 10-hours of talk time on a single charge, and the ability to wander up to 25 feet away from your desk without dropping your call.

The discreet in-ear: Jabra Stealth UC MS Earset

Does just the thought of wearing a cumbersome set atop your head all day immediately bring on a headache? Problem solved with this mini earset from Jabra ($170), which is powered by Bluetooth, reduces background noise and can be enabled with Siri or Google Now.


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