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By Julio Aversa

If you're returning to the office or continuing to work remotely, your work station probably needs a refresh—one that offers support and comfort all day. These four ergonomic accessories make going to work that much more comfortable.

The posture saver:
Fellowes Professional Series Back Support with Microban Protection
Give your back a little TLC with this two-tiered memory foam cushion ($75), which is fully adjustable and fits around most office chairs. The padding is shaped to naturally conform to your spine for optimal support, plus it's antimicrobial to stay extra clean.

The plush rester:
Solemate Footrest
Did you know that footrests can relieve back pain, improve posture, boost blood circulation and soothe tired legs? This cushy option ($85) cradles your feet with memory foam, and features a handy foot pedal so you can adjust it with ease.

The two-in-one:
StarTech Ergonomic Rocking Footrest with Cable Management
This footrest opton ($75) provides all the ergonomic benefits you seek, plus boasts a rocking design to let you stretch your ankles and calves. Even better? It features integrated storage for a single-row power bar, so you can hide all those ugly cables, too.

The working surface:
StarTech Lap Desk
Whether you’re always on the go or just like working from bed once in a while, you need a more reliable surface than your lap. This heat-resistant, non-slip lap desk ($40) provides just that, and comes with a retractable mouse pad to ensure you work in comfort. 

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