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This E-book Can Make You More Productive

Download this free ebook to learn how Microsoft Teams can help your business.

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Case Study: Back to the Future

How one MBU client transformed their office with WORKanyPLACE.

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A New Way To Think About Your IT Partner

With our new Fusion CXO service, we’re providing our IT clients with the best strategic guidance available.

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Shop Tablets at

Whether you're working on the dock, reading e-books or curling up with Netflix, these five tablets are the best to buy right now.

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How To Plan a Successful Office Renovation

Thinking about restructuring your office space before staff returns? Six considerations that'll improve the environment and your employee health.

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Shop Headsets at

Good audio is important. Shop these high-quality headsets that will deliver it straight to your ears and make sure that you’re also coming through crystal clear.

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Strategies to Support Mental Health

It's not enough to give your staff a paid sick day. Three ways MBU is checking in with employees, boosting morale and getting sun on our faces.

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MBU Named TOP 100 Solution Provider

The Team at My Blue Umbrella is honoured to be listed in the top 70 of the prestigious CDN 2021 Top 100 Solution Providers ranking.

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Case Study: How MBU Got Creative

A creative marketing agency was spending too much time on repetitive tasks. With WORKanyPLACE and a cloud-based eco-system, we helped them save $52,000.

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Webinar: Email Security Awareness

Thursday, April 22, 11:30am. Cyberthreats are a major source of concern for businesses—and they're usually delivered via email. Find out how to protect your business.

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How MBU Powered Up Productivity

An electrical equipment distributor couldn't access its product database remotely to make sales. A move to WORKanyPLACE boosted revenues by 20 percent.

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How MBU Saved the Show

An organization was spending $50,000 a year on poor technology processes. MBU’s Business Transformation system delivered an 8x ROI. Here’s how.

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Sign Up for Security Awareness Training

MBU's new online course teaches you how to protect your data from viruses and hackers.

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Shop Laptop Stands at

Adjustable, portable, affordable—these five laptop stands will help your posture and your appearance in video calls.

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How to solve tech problems: MBU's service centres can help

Did you know that MBU is an authorized service centre to almost all major manufacturer brands?

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CEO Michael Contento discusses his new book, THE BOTTOM LINE

This bestselling book shares the entrepreneur's experiences and tips on how to become successful in life regardless of education level or how much you've messed up in the past. 

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Why Does Your IT Partner Ask So Many Questions?

Ever feel annoyed by your IT partner, when they ask you a ton of questions? It's not to bug you.

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The Art of Effective Communication

CEO of My Blue Umbrella and author of The Bottom Line, Michael Contento, discusses the importance of effective communication.

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Business and Digital Transformation Powered by AI

If you're using MBU's IT services like WORKanyPLACE, you may not be using all of their services to the full potential.

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Your Time Is Too Valuable For Game Of Thrones

CEO of My Blue Umbrella and author of The Bottom Line, Michael Contento, discusses how to learn to value your time.

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How MBU’s SOLUTION STACK can save you Time and Money

Sense that IT could save you money but feel overwhelmed by creating the correct IT environment for your business? My Blue Umbrella's Solution Stack could be the answer.

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How To Be Successful: Avoid Big Jobs

CEO of My Blue Umbrella and author of The Bottom Line, Michael Contento, shares one of his key tips for success.

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Spend Less Time, Make More Money

Spending too much money on labour costs without reaping the rewards? MBU’s WORKanyPLACE helps companies save money and drive growth.

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Never Say "I Can't"

CEO of My Blue Umbrella and author of The Bottom Line, Michael Contento, shares one of the most important fundamentals of success.

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Laptop As A Service

Need a new laptop? Julio Aversa explains MBU’s Laptop As A Service program.

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How To Scale Your Business

CEO of My Blue Umbrella and author of The Bottom Line, Michael Contento, discusses how to scale your business.

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Get six months of Microsoft 365 Business Basic FREE

Be more productive wherever you are. Sign up before June 30, 2020 to take advantage of this offer. (Regular price:
$6.40 user/month).

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Key Ways Hackers Prey on Targets

In the past three years, ransom payouts have from $1 billion to $3.5 billion today—and remote work means that number will increase further.

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Is Remote Work Life The New Revolution?

CEO Michael Contento was featured in a recent York Region News article on the future of remote work.

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Five Key Ways Hackers Prey On Targets

With My Blue Umbrella CEO Michael Contento
Tuesday, May 5, 2020
12:15 pm – 12:45 pm EST

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How to Optimize Your Work-from-Home Strategies

As the pandemic evolves, it makes sense to transform your environment to maximize your out-of-office efficiency

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Coronavirus crisis: CEO Michael Contento’s insights on working from home, as featured in York Region News

#Stayathome: Michael Contento, founder and CEO of My Blue Umbrella, enjoys spending more time with his children

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Five tips to lead your staff while working from home

Want to be an effective leader to your team? These five strategies will help you better manage and motivate your employees.

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Webinar: How to keep your data safe while working from home

Security is only as good as its weakest link. Learn how your data is accessed and how you can protect it.

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COVID-19 The 3 stages to your company's long-term success

As your business navigates unchartered territory, it’s helpful to think about the progression as a series of steps.
By Michael Contento, CEO of My Blue Umbrella

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How to protect your company from hackers

Worried about hackers? You should be. Find out how you can protect your data and your company from being hacked.

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Finance support for IT investments

Still needing to make the IT investment planned for 2nd quarter 2020? Is COVID-19 causing both mental and financial stress about making that decision? ...

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How MBU technicians are preventing the spread of COVID-19

As COVID-19 continues to affect businesses and workplaces, you may be worried about technicians coming into your office or employees' homes. You want ...

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The 3 things you need for successful #remotework

Working from home may be bringing a level of uncertainty to your business. For many staff, isolation from their team and the organization can be unsettling ...

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Rent to own equipment option

Are you missing the tools you or your staff need to succeed? Not sure if you need that extra printer or headset long-term but definitely need it now to ...

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Canadian Entrepreneur Summit

At the invitation of Echelon Wealth Management and PWC, My Blue Umbrella CEO Michael Contento participated in the Canadian Entrepreneur Summit in March 2020. Here he is on a leadership panel with the CEOs and founders of The Ten Spot and Kids & Company.

MBU interviewed by CBC Radio

As a Managed Service provider, we are the "front-line workers" for our customers ensuring they are able to work remotely and securely if required.

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Technoplanet Event

Thanks to Julian Lee @ Technoplanet for hosting our panel on the importance of Vendor Partnerships yesterday at the 2020 Channel Manager Summit. Having a Vendor strategic plan like MBU has with Microsoft & Xerox (and our key distributor, Ingram) drives MBU’s growth YoY consistently

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Microsoft Modern Workplace Champion

Our strategy has been such a success that we've inspired other companies with our integration in Modern Workplace that drive the analytics needed in predicting our clients future. More and more businesses are looking at MBU to lead through this transformation era!

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Vaughan Business Expo 2020

My Blue Umbrella is a proud sponsor of the Innovation Zone at this years Vaughan Business Expo. Stop by our booth to learn more about our Digital Transformation strategies. Thank you to our partners HP and Jolera for your support

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Festivus Party 2018

We had an unforgettable night with our customers,vendors & friends

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A Foak'ers Dinner at The One Eighty

An amazing evening with our customers and vendors sharing the "art of the possible" with IoT

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A Vision of the Future

MBU celebrates the announcement of its 3-year road map with vendors and friends.

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White Water Rafting on the Ottawa River

From the gleam of fast-moving clear water, the adrenaline rush, rumble and tumble of the rapid action, the MBU team enjoyed the experience of white water rafting in September 2016. What a thrill!

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MBU Company-wide event: Beach Volleyball!

To celebrate Canada’s 150th Birthday, the team at MBU got together in the sunshine for a day of beach volleyball, barbeques, and treasure hunting.

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IoT Event 2017

MBU had a great day learning more about IoT while attending Ingram Micro's IoT Event lat week. Ask us how IoT can help your business.

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Mud Hero

My Blue Umbrella staff members Dalbir Gill, Cory Kiehn and Michael Contento participated in the 2016 "Toronto North" Mud Hero event this past August. It was a fun filled, exciting, and muddy morning as they all managed to clock in at just under 1 hour!

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