Is Your Office Ready for Your Employees?

Our new Elo Access Wellness Screening Kiosk is an easy way to make health and safety a priority.

By Michael Contento

After many long months away, you may be looking forward to finally returning to the office. If you’re an employer, before you can even consider asking your team to come back to an in-person setting, you have to make sure your workplace is optimized to be as safe as possible. 

That’s why MBU is now offering the Elo Access Wellness Screening Kiosk. The setup is an easy-to-use automated screening system designed to look after the health and safety of your team, and clients or any other office visitors. 

The kiosk runs on the Elo Access app and features:

  • temperature-checking software
  • option of a 2-foot countertop stand or 5-foot floor stand
  • a 15-inch Android Interactive Display
  • a series of COVID-19 related screening questions
  • 2D camera and temperature sensor

The purpose is two-fold: By controlling access to your office, you can keep your team’s health and wellbeing at top of mind. Elo’s automated system also means one of your colleagues doesn’t have to waste their time doing the screening themselves—which could potentially put them in close contact with a visitor who doesn’t realize they may be sick. 

It’s hard to say what our “new normal” will end up looking like. We’re excited to find out. The only way we’ll all be able to move forward is by embracing our circumstances and prioritizing the health and safety of those around us. Elo, and our work here at MBU, is just one part of that. 

If you'd like more information about the Elo Access Security Kiosk, or how MBU can help you return to the new workplace, email us at

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