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IT for healthcare, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, hospitality, recreation, agriculture and more.

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Capitalizing on Your Industry’s Disruption

What is your disruption and how are you capitalizing on it? How do you remain in the forefront of your industry? Are you going to be disrupted or understand and manage the disruption?

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The Internet of Things is seriously altering the transportation industry and altering it FAST. Transportation and logistics companies that want to stay ahead of the competition are taking advantage of how IoT can optimize their businesses. Implementation of intelligent transportation systems dramatically improves economics and reshapes the way deliverables are tracked.

Opportunities for IoT in transportation and logistics include, but are not limited to:

  • Fleet Management solutions
  • Inventory and Supply Chain Management Solutions
  • Security and Surveillance Systems
  • Smart Parking


Entering the Era of IoT makes absolutely no exception in the world of manufacturing. Manufacturing is the industry predicted to lead in IoT spending in 2017 and primed to maintain first position in IoT spend until at least 2020!

The bottom line is that if you’re in the business of manufacturing and you are not researching or launching IoT practices to increase efficiencies and ultimately, monetize your data- You are behind the ball in your industry. Businesses should be considering the impact of IoT technology and start planning! IoT is a core component of industrial transformation.


If you are in the business of healthcare, especially supporting the aging population, then IT for healthcare, integrated health management technology via IoT should be something you are in the process of either researching or implementing. IoT in healthcare is empowering patients, informing medical professionals, providing faster diagnoses, and even increasing survival rates!


IoT is also the perfect solution for hotels, in fact the hospitality industry has the 5th highest investment in sensors alone. Imagine an electronic doorbell that silently scan rooms for body heat to let the cleaning staff know that guests have left the room? The world of hospitality is extremely competitive. If you play in the space, investing in IoT is the best way to enhance the customer experience.


Sports and recreation is another industry hedging above the competition with implementation of IoT. The Internet of Things is revolutionizing training, team coaching and performance in sports for both individuals and teams. Analytics are used not only to make better athletes and teams, but also to improve the customer experience within facilities of which these sports take place. Imagine providing a safe and clean environment for your customers to swim or train in through the use of sensors collecting data to let you know when cleaning is necessary, or chemicals or off balance? IoT can ultimately optimize your venue’s infrastructure.


The Internet of Things is also transforming agriculture. From wine vineyards, to golf courses, if farming is involved IoT can make it better. IoT for Agriculture can provide wineries with the tools to grow better quality grapes, while reducing costs specific to each individual grape vine! Data collected can determine if grapes are getting too large, if vines are at risk for mildew or mold, or if they’re not getting enough sunshine. The data allows estate managers to make critical decisions, like when to turn on the irrigation, when to spray for pests, when to harvest and how to spot irrigation leaks. The analytics can be viewed in real time on a dashboard in the cloud via a smartphone.