How MBU techs prevent COVID-19 spread

As COVID-19 continues to affect businesses and workplaces, you may be worried about technicians coming into your office or employees' homes. You want to keep your staff safe. We want to keep your staff safe, too. But we also know that you need our help to maintain business-as-usual and to have any IT problems solved as quickly as possible. That's why our MBU technicians remain dedicated to providing a seamless support experience to our customers throughout this pandemic. Over the past 25 years, MBU has weathered many storms by maintaining a strong focus on doing what’s best for customers, partners and our own employees. We want your company to be able to continue at optimal capacity and we will do everything we can to support you and deliver the service you need without risk of infection. 

Here’s how our technicians are preventing the spread of COVID-19 while giving you the high-quality service on which your business relies:

  • Remote work. At this time, for the safety of our clients and administration staff, our technicians are not entering the MBU head office. 
  • No travel outside GTA. Our technicians will service only clients in the GTA, and avoid any travel outside these perimeters. 
  • Social distancing. Our technicians are adhering to the 2-metre guidelines at all times. 
  • Service calls as usual. Technicians will arrive at your offices or employees’ homes as scheduled. Using antiviral disinfectant wipes, they will clean all surfaces with which they come in contact and will maintain a 2-metre distance from your staff if at all possible. If you are not comfortable hosting them, please let us know and we’ll modify plans as needed. If your business is not working remotely but needs assistance, we can help with that too. 
  • 100% capacity. Our Cloud services (WORKanyPLACE, MBU Mingle, MBU Vault, Office365) are not impacted by COVID-19. MBU’s service operations and engineering teams remain working at 100% capacity and are not encumbered by the COVID-19 remote work policy we have established.
  • Support teams at the ready. Our customer support teams continue to be fully operational. The team has a work-from-home/business continuity response plan for instances such as this. With the exception of an occasional dog bark or child squeak-toy in the background, customers and partners calling Support will not notice any difference in service and support.

We believe that the economy must continue to grow, and we all need to do our part to help. With the uncertainty of the increasing financial stress, My Blue Umbrella is extending a 20% discount for the first year with either 90-day deferral payment or with your first month free on any products or services. The direct savings could be close to $5K to $10K but the productivity increase that your organization will recover is tremendous. 

If you have any questions about our services or support systems, please contact us at

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