Five Must-Have Office Accessories

Returning to the office—or renting a new space after too many months at home? These desk accessories will make the transition a positive, productive one.
By Julio Aversa

If you've been away from your office for a while, there's probably a good chance a layer of dust is awaiting your return. While you're rethinking your office layout or desk setup, consider adding some of our recommended accessories.

The space saver: LMP 8-port USB-C Compact Doc

Plug in all your devices without turning your desk into a jungle of tangled cables and USB drives. This space-saving dock ($135) has eight ports, including spots for an HDMI cable, USB drives, an ethernet connection and an SD card.


The ergonomic essential: 3M Adjustable Notebook Stand

A computer screen positioned either too high or too low can mess with your posture and contribute to eye strain. Eliminate discomfort with this 3M laptop stand ($50), which is adjustable between four and six inches and has integrated vents to prevent your device from overheating.


The commute-friendly mouse: Verbatim Optical Travel Mouse

This Verbatim travel mouse ($15) is the only one you'll ever need. The compact device features a retractable USB cable, so you can easily carry it to and from the office, whether you're catching up on work on the train or have future business trips planned.



The convenient luxury: LG 25'' Class 21:9 Ultrawide Full HD IPS LED Monitor

Boost productivity with the addition of a second screen. This 25-inch LG monitor ($275) offers crisp, wide-screen picture and screen-splitting capabilities that make it ideal for displaying multiple windows at once.


The just-in-case backup: Verbatim 3TB Store 'n' Save Desktop Hard Drive 

This speedy Verbatim Store 'n' Save hard drive ($200) boasts 3 terabytes of storage space that will ensure you never lose an important document—or any of the millions of photos on your phone. It even includes the option to automatically schedule backups and offers password-controlled encryption for extra security.


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