Case Study: How Business Transformation Can Help Your Company

A growing advertising agency was struggling to track their employees’ attendance—from sick days to vacation requests. Watch to learn how MBU helped this company.

One of My Blue Umbrella's clients came to them with a problem: as their advertising agency was growing, they were having staffing difficulties. They weren't able to efficiently keep track of requested time off, sick days and vacation days, which meant it was difficult to assign the right team members to new projects and accounts. When left short-staffed, they would be forced to make temporary hires, which cost them time and money. My Blue Umbrella implemented their business transformation technology, which allowed employees to log their own requests and schedules, into one system--and for managers to access these schedules anywhere, at any time. Their entire staffing system was transformed. If this sounds like the type of problem or solution your company is facing, contact us to learn more about how My Blue Umbrella can help you.

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