The 3 things you need for successful #remotework


Working from home may be bringing a level of uncertainty to your business. For many staff, isolation from their team and the organization can be unsettling and cause stress. Here are the three things your business needs to be successful during COVID-19 and beyond:

An environment that supports excellence

Do you have a desk, chair, lamp, phone, computer, wifi, portable printer, headset? Do all of your employees have the equipment they need? Check in with each one of them and ask to see their setup.

How MBU techs prevent COVID-19 spread

As COVID-19 continues to affect businesses and workplaces, you may be worried about technicians coming into your office or employees' homes. You want to keep your staff safe. We want to keep your staff safe, too. But we also know that you need our help to maintain business-as-usual and to have any IT problems solved as quickly as possible.

Rent to Own Equipment Option

Are you missing the tools you or your staff need to succeed? Not sure if you need that extra printer or headset long-term but definitely need it now to be more productive? Exclusively from MBU, rent to own the tools you need, or return with no obligation.

Finance support for IT investments

Still needing to make the IT investment planned for 2nd quarter 2020? Is COVID-19 causing both mental and financial stress about making that decision? Not knowing the future is daunting. MBU can help. Get a low-interest lease on all IT investments. Plus, don't pay for your first 6 months.