How to adapt your business in COVID-19

Until last month, the staff at My Blue Umbrella had been working in the office on a rotating  schedule. It was good for productivity, growth and morale. Then, Toronto, where MBU’s offices are located, returned to Stage 2. The right thing to do was send everyone home again.

Laptop as a Service program

Need a new laptop? Julio Aversa explains MBU’s Laptop As A Service program, which provides you a top-of-the-line laptop from Apple, Dell, HP, Microsoft or Lenovo and costs you less than a cup of coffee a day to own.

Take advantage of this offer by emailing quotes@mbu.

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Spend less time, make more money

Are you spending too much money on labour costs without reaping the rewards?
MBU’s WORKanyPLACE helps companies save time and money and drive growth as a result. CEO Michael Contento shares an example of how it can help, and offers to help advise your top-level executives—at absolutely no cost to you.

Is Remote Work Life The New Revolution?

Canada was already inching toward a remote-work environment long before the pandemic hit. In 2008, 1.7 million Canadians were working outside the office, with millions more doing the same at least one day a week. Before the pandemic hit, CEO Michael Contento was on track to make MBU a four-day-work-week company, with one day working from home, as he shared in a recent York Region News article.

Get six months of Microsoft 365 Business Basic FREE

Get your first six months of Microsoft 365 Business Basic FREE

Be more productive wherever you are. Connect employees to the people, information and content they need to improve productivity and transform collaboration.

• Host email with a 50 GB mailbox and custom email domain address.

Key Ways Hackers Prey on Targets

Hackers are having a heyday. In the past three years, ransom payouts have increased 250%, from $1 billion in 2017 to $3.5 billion today. And with more than 75% of North American companies planning to shift to remote work permanently post-COVID-19, security breaches will likely increase exponentially through 2020 and beyond.