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The Bottom Line by Michael Contento

The Bottom Line is the book that tells you how to become successful in life regardless of education level or how much you've messed up in the past. It helps readers develop the elemental skills of business, leadership, and life.

Author Michael Contento knows it’s possible for them, and you, to become successful because his story is less likely than anyone’s. He didn’t go to a fancy school. In fact, he didn’t even finish high school. And yet, as the CEO of a fast-growing managed-services IT firm and a director on the national board of Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada, among many other ventures, he’s successful by any measure.

How did Michael go from being a problem for the boss, to running things for the boss, to being the boss, to owning the holding company that hired the boss? He followed a set of basic principles that can be used by anyone to achieve success.

At the heart of this method is the concept of D2:
Deliver simplicity, drive growth.

Once you’re done this book, D2 will guide every business interaction you have

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Name Your Dreams! by Adnan Ul Haq

Real-life lessons from the life of a child who was left with no option but to suffer hardship, pain, and oppression! A poor child who was left alone by his parents to suffer. He was beaten by his teachers, bullied by his friend, and tortured by his boss but he did not quit his dream. He had no money to pay for his educational expenses. He was blocked from attending his college class, but he did not quit on his dreams. One by one everyone closed to him died but nothing could stop him chasing his dreams. He cried in pain, but he did not quit his dreams. Even his people turned against him, spied on him and trapped him into fake legal cases but he was there to fight back at every moment of life by using the power of "Name Your Dreams". This is a rare success book you would ever find. Each chapter in this book will enlighten your wisdom and power to achieve more out of life! These lessons will change your life forever and will help you achieve your dreams. The child was no one else but the author himself! His famous quote: Name your dreams! You will achieve them all one by one, inch by inch and bit by bit.

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Nothing is Everything by Simon Strantzas

Nothing is Everything is the masterful new collection from acclaimed Canadian author Simon Strantzas. With elegant craftsmanship Strantzas delicately weaves a disquieting narrative through eerie and unexpected landscapes, charting an uncanny course through territories both bleak and buoyant, while further cementing his reputation as one of the finest practitioners of strange tales.

“Simon Strantzas captures the creepiness of small town Ontario; there is something of Seth, of Alice Munro in his work, wonderfully tangled with the likes of Aickman and Jackson. Uncanny as a ventriloquist’s doll, but with a real, beating heart.”
–Camilla Grudova, author of The Doll’s Alphabet

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