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Solution Stack

We are a top Toronto managed IT services provider.

man at a desk in a warehouse tinted with a green overlay (formerly My Blue Umbrella) is a full-service IT Business-Transformation Company. That means we do a lot more than keep your tech infrastructure operating. We also partner with you to harness the potential of all that technology and data to make your business as efficient as possible!

Like many Toronto managed IT services providers, our services begin with the supply of tech infrastructure—everything from laptop computers to monitors, networking equipment and keyboards and everything in between. We also provide the help required to set it up in your workplace, and the cloud services required to have your technology infrastructure working optimally.

But limiting your service agreement to just those services leaves (formerly My Blue Umbrella) with untapped potential. In fact it’s a bit like a caveman coming upon a working automobile and using it only for the radio. Hey Barney Rubble! That Mustang can do a lot more than play tunes! (formerly My Blue Umbrella) is a Toronto managed IT services provider who goes further than simply selling you computer equipment and get it up and working. That’s where phase two and three of our solution stack comes in. Our sales manager, Julio Aversa, describes the way our service offerings tie together.

The Three Phases of Our Solution Stack

The point is, our business-transformation specialists can work with your team to harness the power—and potential—of your technology. We do that with business and digital transformation powered by artificial intelligence. Here’s Julio Aversa again explaining the process.

The Power of Business Transformation

The “optimize, empower and transform” strategy allows us to accelerate productivity by transforming processes—from simple tasks like notifications and approvals to complex operational workflows.

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