MBU Vault

MBU Vault is more than just an insurance policy. It’s your first step in protecting your infrastructure from unforeseen failures and damage that can occur at any moment. MBU’s hosted infrastructure is located on Microsoft Azure's local servers, ensuring your data is stored and maintained wholly within Canada. With MBU Vault in place, you can rest easy knowing that your critical business data and applications will always be available in the event of an unplanned outage or catastrophe.


MBU Vault Backup offers a powerful data protection solution that delivers block-level backup and true global deduplication for fast and frequent backup to disk with the most efficient usage of WAN and storage resources.

Our technology not only speeds backup, but it can also significantly reduce backup storage requirements, the impact on the production server and the amount of data transmitted across the network.

And since backups are stored on disk, data recovery is fast, delivering better recovery time objectives (RTOs) to help address your business demands on your IT systems and thus helping improve your productivity while reducing costs.

MBU Vault DR, in addition to the features in the Vault Backup program, offers advanced functionality for faster system recovery for your demanding applications.

In case of an unplanned system outage on request, Vault DR provides data recovery to a standby virtual server that limits downtime for your business. Virtual Standby performs “is-alive” monitoring of your server and enables manual or automatic failover to the standby virtual server.

After an unplanned outage, Vault DR offers the option to spin-up a virtual version of your server infrastructure for an affordable one-time fee.

Reduces Risk – the vulnerability to your organization from incomplete backups is essentially eliminated.

Removes the tedious task - managing the backup process can be time-consuming is assumed by Vault.

Provides a Disaster Contingency – the service has optional disaster recovery capabilities, allowing your company to continue during unforeseen disasters.

Dramatically Reduces Restore Times – for accidentally deleted files, making your employees more productive.

Ease of future planning – the service simply expands as your data volumes increase.

Cost-Effective vault is priced to be competitive with other hardware/software offerings trying to address the same issues.

No capital outlay – Clients are charged on a monthly basis.

Dramatically Reduces Backup Times – through advanced software functionality, reducing the actual amount of data transmitted to the cloud.

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